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Calgary to Kelowna

ok, not sure where to start. Left Calgary and went to Banff. Not really much in Banff but a lot of Chinese tourists. Took a few pics because the mountains are so cool.


Then took the Bow Valley Pkwy from Banff to Lake Louise. Good thing I did as I took a million photos of these elk (I think they are elk, maybe caribou, can't tell the difference). Some Texan was there as well taking pics. This guy thought he was the uber hunter of all time. He kept telling me which one was the "boss hog" of the group. He said he could tell by the dressing on their back end. I didn't disagree because he probably had a Winchester in his truck.


Drove to Moraine Lake next. I remember being there as a kid. Not that big but the view is amazing. Stinky doesn’t like to get his picture taken so we had to have a chat before I took this one.


Lake Louise is very nice but I think totally over rated. Again full to Chinese tourists even at 7:30 in the morning. This lady couldn’t speak a syllable of English and just walked up to Stinky and I guess told whoever she was with to take her picture with him. Not much I could do without causing a scene. He doesn’t look impressed.


My next stop was Field, BC. A hippie type town with lots of art just across the BC border. I had the most amazing breakfast sandwich at this little “hole in the wall” restaurant. The coffee was totally good as well. The only downside is that these hippies aren’t really in a hurry to serve you, but, it was worth the wait.

I decided that I would stop at 3 locations in Yoho National Park before moving on. You could spend a lifetime looking at everything in all these National Parks. The best spot was Emerald Lake. This place is way better than Lake Louise.


I then drove thru Golden, BC and down to Radium Hot Springs. I had to see what all the fuss was about with these springs. So I paid the $6 and went into the pool. It was VERY hot. I asked the lady who worked there if it was heated coming off the mountains and see said that it’s naturally hot. I’m from Missouri on this one.


I drove down to Kimberley, BC. Not much here but a very nice Ski Resort. It’s one of the highest points in the Rockies. I also learned that the Rockies don’t mean all the Mountains in BC. It’s just the one chain that runs along the Alberta/BC border and down into the US. I’m sure I’m not the only one who thought this!


The next stop was Cranbrook, BC. Nothing here except the mountains. I must say that the drive from
Golden to Cranbrook is very nice. You follow the Rockies the entire way on your left side. I would recommend it to anyone traveling to BC.

I stopped for the night in Creston. If this sounds familiar it’s because it’s the polygamist capital of Canada. The only other claim to fame it has is that it’s the home of the Kokanee Brewery, so it can’t be all bad. I had the biggest Chelsea bun I’ve ever seen in Creston. It was the size of a small pizza. My dad used to get these for us all the time as a kid. I haven’t had one in like 20 years so of course I had to buy one.


My next journey was to get to Nelson, BC. The drive is awesome. It goes right thru the Kootneys. Highly recommended. I followed Kootney Lake up to Kootney Bay and got the ferry over to Nelson. I stopped many times to get pictures of Kootney Lake. Halfway we got behind a truck painting lines on the road now I have paint all over the inside if my wheel wells. Not sure how this happened.


After getting off the ferry it was about a 25 min drive down to Nelson. This is a cool place. Built right on the side off a mountain. I haven't seen streets this steep since I was San Francisco. This is the Marijuana Capital of BC according to everything I have pieced together. It used to be a major logging area until the early 1980’s but then closed for some reason. So the town found “Pot” as a way to survive.


This is a long update for sure. Next day I made it to Vernon, BC. Another amazing but long and windy drive. I passed thru the Slocan Valley. Major hippie area. I stopped at this cafe. A lot of people where wearing Bob Marley hats and smoking weed like it were cigarettes. They were all very nice.


I found my favourite town in BC so far. Nakusp, BC. Never heard of it before and it’s far from anywhere. It’s clean, quiet, has a beautiful lake setting and the ultimate mountain town.


The drove to another ferry. It’s called Needles Ferry and it must be the shortest ferry ride in the world. It’s only 4 mins long – lol. I’m sure a bridge is coming in the near future. You can see the entire length in this pic.


The drive from the ferry to Vernon was a real patience tester. There is almost zero room to pass because the road is so hilly and windy. Vernon is not really that nice of town. It has brutal drivers and almost as much construction as Guelph. Leaving was the best part.

Between Vernon and Kelowna is an area called Lake Country, BC. This gives you the real “Okanagan Experience. Awesome pictures of the Okanagan Lake mixed in with endless orchards. The Okanagan’s are the Muskoka’s of BC. Very similar.


And finally Kelowna. Very nice but very busy town. It’s the heart of the Okanagan Valley. Here is a picture of the waterfront.

On to Penticton then Manning Park, BC

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