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Rimouski - Day 3

July 7. Drove from Quebec City to Rimouski today, I think about a 5 hour drive. Van is running excellent and AC works as well - LOL.

Hit a huge traffic jam between Riviere-Du-Loop and Rimouski. It seems the french like to stop traffic in a construction
area in each direction for about an hour, then stop traffic for an hour in the other direction. No idea why they do this but I think I'll take the way they do it in Ontario any day.

Here is a pic of the waterfront in Rimouski. You can see a bit of fog on the water from the cold air coming in off the St Lawrence hitting the hot water in the bay. Pretty cool to see considering all the hot weather.

Rimouski Bayside

Rimouski Bayside

No one speaks english up here - NO ONE! I fell like I'm in Europe or something. When I ask someone if the speak english, the standard answer is "a little bit" even if that's all they can speak. Guess I should have brushed up on my french.

I'm currently sitting in the van stealing an internet connection from some coffee shop. Wish it was always this easy.

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Day 2 - July 6

drove to Montreal and walked around Jean Drapeau Parc. This is Parc where they had the rowing at the 1976 Summer Olympics. Very Hot! Had to leave when Calvin put the brakes on telling me he was too hot.

Got the hell out o Montreal and drove up to Trois Rivieres but it wasn't any cooler. Nice city but too hot. When for a swim in the St Lawerence the had dinner at some Middle Eastern place. Here is a pic of me downtown over looking the main bridge.


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First day

July 5. So far so good, although it has been extremely hot.

Made it to Cornwall. Stopped in Gananoque and had a swim and fish n chips downtown. Here is a pic of Calvin overlooking to St Lawerance:

Calvin and the St Lawerance River in Gananoque

Calvin and the St Lawerance River in Gananoque

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