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Summerside, Saint John & St Stephen

July 12 & 13. Monday was a busy day. I woke up in Charlottetown and then made the 40 min drive to Summerside. It's a very small town, about 14,000 people. Funny thing is that it's the 2nd largest city on the island. It's a totally different world here in PEI.

The drive across the confederation bridge only takes about 10 mins but it costs $42.50. You only npay when leaving PEI.

I then drove to Saint John, NB. This is a very nice city. The downtown is small but very trendy. I had a beer at this pub, the lady in the pink just loved Calvin:

The lady and the tourist area told me that I should check out "Reversing Falls" before I leave, so I did. Here is a pic. Not sure what's so special about it, I'll have to google it when I get some time.

By far the coolest thing i've seen is the tides in the Bay of Fundy in just outside of Saint John. I took a scenic route off Hwy 2 and stopped off in this tiny little place called Chance Harbour. It's about 25 mins west of Saint John. I was driving on this cottage type road and a guy was fixing his garage door. I asked him if I could take a few pics of the bay. He was so accomodating. His name is Joe. These tides come in twice a day and right now are at 22 feet. WOW. At the highest times of year they get to almost 29 feet. As you can see in the pic, this was low tide. This pic was taken t about 8:20pm and the low tide was at 7:30pm. When it's high tide the water is up to the top of the dock, UNBELIEVABLE.

I then drove to St Stephen for the night. It was a long day!

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July 10 & 11: The weather in Charlottetown was not the best yesterday. It rained and poured all day. I started by going down to the water front and having lunch at this little cafe. I had lobster and potato salad, yes potato salad! I was actually pretty good.

Then went and walked along the boardwalk in Victoria Park. Here is a pic of Calvin overlooking the Charlottetown water front:018.jpg

Then drove out to a little fishing village called Murray Harbour, about an hour east of Charlottetown. The weather wasn't the best but it's a nice drive. I had dinner at the only restaurant within 50 miles. I again had lobster - I'm not having chicken or beef while I'm in PEI:

Murray Harbour is very small, only like 250 people. I would have shown a pic of the harbour but there isn't much to see. So instead here is pic of lobster traps:046.jpg

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The long drive to PEI with a stop off in Perce

July 10. The drive to PEI from Gaspe is approx 10 hours. I stopped off in the little village of Perce to get a few pics of the Perce Rock:

I wondered why it was so dark at 9pm when I got to Charlottetown then realized they are an hour a head of us so it was really 10pm.

The drive from the Confederation Bridge to Charlottetown is not exactly a fun one. The roads in PEI are nothing like in Ontario. The main roads are like Huronia Road in Barrie, or like the road driving from Guelph to Elora. Plus it started raining as soon as I got to PEI and there aren't any lights on these roads when traveling from town to town.

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Forillon National Park

July 9. Seeing Forillon National Park was the main reason I wanted to visit this area. The views are spectaular. Here is a view from the south side of the park. I wanted to do the 4km hike but Calvin had a bit of an episode and couldn't make it up the hill. I walked back down to the beach nd cooled him down in the ocean. I met a really nice french lady, Diane. She saw that I was trying to tend to Calavin and stopped to talk with me. Suprisingly, she spoke english. She and her husband are both doctors, very cool.
Forillon National Park with Calvin

Forillon National Park with Calvin

This is a pic from the North side of the park:
Forillion National Park 2

Forillion National Park 2

Diane invited us back to their house for desert. They were very nice people and both spoke english very well.
Diane and David just outside Gaspe at their house

Diane and David just outside Gaspe at their house

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Journey to Gaspe

July 8. The drive to Gaspe from Rimouski is a shortened version of driving across Canada. When you leave Rimouski it fells like your in Newfoundland. Then as you continue it gets a little hilly and has the look and feel of Northern Ontario. A little further it becomes very flat and boring. Then as you turn south down Hwy 198 if almost becomes mountainous and looks like your in BC. Some of the mountains are very steep. The weather didn't cooperate either and I'm not sure if I've ever seen rain fall so hard.

Here is pic of downtown Gaspe by the pubs. A french lady took the picture even though she didn't understand or speak any english:

This is a pic overlooking downtown Gaspe in the parking lot of the informtion centre:

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