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July 14. crossed the border at St Stephen, NB this morning into Maine. The border guard seemed to have a few issues when he asked me where I worked. I was honest and said I didn't work right now. Maybe this was a mistake because the guy fired off about 15 questions at me. I felt like I told him my entire life story before he'd let me into the US. Funny thing, I thought the issue at the border would be Calvin but the guy could have cared less about him.

Maine is such a nice state, very under rated. Could be part of Canada. I was speaking with a guy in Skowegan, Maine and I said that you guys are basically Canadian. He said he wished he was because the economy is absolutely pathetic right now.

I found the worst city to drive in, in Maine. Don't ever go to Bangor unless you like driving 25 km/h at top speed. Everybody is over the age of 75. The only thing there was a Wal-Mart. They even named a whole area of town after Wal-Mart.

Here is the only picture I took in the whole state, I think I'm all pictured out at this juncture:

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