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Spent 5 days here with family and had a fantastic time. Here is a pic of my cousins Aaron, Shaun and Phil:


I stayed at Shaun, Kim and Jo-anne's house. They are in the Deer Valley area of Calgary which is in the south east part of Calgary. Jo-anne is my cousin and Kim is Shaun's girl friend. They have 3 dogs. I wasn't sure how Kalvin was going to make out with them but they all were great together with no problems. Here is Kim and Cullen:


Arrived here on Thursday and chilled out and drank beers in their hot tub. I was like 8 degrees C when I arrived. What a difference compared to Regina when I left that morning.

Friday I toured the city during the day. It rained mostly all day so I didn't see a lot. Friday night I was an honorary guest at Shaun's beer club. Basically guys get together and sample about 6 different beers from all areas of the world. My favourite was a beer from Australia called "Coopers" - very crisp and highly recomended.

Shaun and Aaron:


This is Ashly who picked the beers and talked about them before we sampled. He knew A LOT about these beers. The sword is one of Shaun's. He has many knives and swords and it always gets interesting when you mix beer, swords and guys.


Saturday we went to a huge discount warehouse in the morning then went out for brunch. I had the most interesting meal. It was called pan-scrambler. I was like a western omlette all mixed up with home fries and this sauce. It was very good. If you ever get to Calgary and want something tasty I recommend Humpty's pan scrambler.

We then went over to Aaron's house and I got to see his pirate basement. It's pretty cool. He has turned his entire basement into a pirate ship. He has done a great job. He even has a fog machine and all the pirate sounds.



We then played guitar Hero. I've never played before and must say I sucked real bad but it was a lot of fun.


On Sunday we wnt fishing out in Kananaskis. The coolest thing I've seen in a while happened. We were pulling into the parking area by the lake and a grizzly bear jumped out beside the truck. If you've never seen one in person in the wild, well take it from me it's quite the rush.


I'm very mad at myself because most of the pics came out blurry. I guess the moving vehicle makes taking pictures a little more difficult.

When we got out of the truck we could see the grizzly bear staring at us about 200 yards away. That was very un-nerving. It was soooooo cold when we stared fishing. I've officially had my first taste of winter.

Kananaskis is a beautiful area. I have so many great pics. This is where they take those pics that you see on screen savers. Every where you look is a million dollar photo.



Aaron caught a couple rainbow trout at this location (forget the lake name) then we moved onto Spray Lakes. Another amazing looking area. Shaun caught a Mountain Whitefish. Never heard of them before.



On the way back to Calgary we stopped off in Canmore for a couple pints at the Grizzly Paw brewery. There are so many micro breweries in Alberta compared to Ontario. This was my own sampler tray.


Canmore is a beautiful town but one of the most expensive in Canada. A house like mine would be worth around $700,000 to $800,000. Crazy!

On Monday Stinky & I went to Prince's Island Park in downtown Calgary. Very nice but way to busy with all the office workers taking a stroll on their lunch.


Kim and I took all 4 dogs to this very cool dog park. I must say that the dog parks here kick the crap out of any back in Ontario. This one is acres and acres huge and right on the Bow River!

Here from left to right is Findley, Stinky, Chance, Cullen and Kim:


We went out to another Micro Brewery on Monday called Brewster's. Here is Jo-anne, Shaun, Kim and this guy Dave that Kim and Shaun knew from work. A few more people showed up after I took this pic. Shaun's telling me that I'm Number one.


And here is Shaun telling Dave the father Nelson joke.


I'm off to Banff on Tuesday, then into BC

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