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Lake Superior Provincial Park to Calgary

Yes this is a big update since I’ve been slacking and haven’t felt like doing any computer work.

Anybody who has driven west from Southern Ontario knows how incredibly long the drive is just to get out of Ontario. It’s insane long. By the time I hit Thunder Bay I just wanted out of Ontario. Its sooooooooo boring and very remote. Here is a brief sequence of events below:

Left the Sault and stopped about 90 mins north in Lake Superior Provincial Park. It’s a nice park but way too big for one day to see everything. Kalvin and I hiked a few short trails (he’s not doing overly well in the heat but so far he’s done ok). Then we went to Katherine Cove and watched the sunset. It’s such a small world, the guy below in jeans is from Sault Ste Marie but lived and worked in Stroud (just south of Barrie) for a guy I went to school with. He also knew about 4 other people that I mentioned. Small world.


Sunset in Katherine Cove - Lake Superior Provincial Park


Here is pic of the big goose in Wawa. Spent a week there one night! Haha


Thunder Bay is a nice town. Seems like every town I go to is setting the record high temp that particular day. Here is Stinky, me and the Sleeping Giant.


The Terry Fox Memorial has really grown since I was there as a kid. I remember it being just a little monument on the side of the Hwy with a few parking spaces. It’s now incorporated into the Thunder Bay tourist centre.


Again Winnipeg was crazy hot. I went down the “The Forks”. It’s a spot near downtown but right on the river front. The Red River and Assiniboine River meet and become the Red River. I have to say that I’m kind of getting tired of driving and really just want to get to BC.


Drove to Regina the next day. It must be flattest town in the world. The city doesn’t feel like it has any character. Never really thought of hills giving a city character but I think I’m onto something. The Rough Riders stadium is in the middle of this slum neighbourhood. It’s amazing how TV makes everything look wonderful. Couldn’t be bothered stopping and getting a pic but trust me on this.

Currently in Calgary staying with family. More on them in my next update. It feels like it’s going to snow. Finally some weather I can handle.

Forgot to put this in my last update. I had to stop and take a pic of this car in Sault Ste Marie. How they got it wedged between two posts is amazing:


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