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Sudbury, Elliot Lake & Sault Ste Marie

Because of the border issues I had to travel thru these towns, not the most exciting areas. Sudbury looks like the moon, Elliot Lake is all old people and the Sault is a typical border town. As you can probably figure out, these aren't my favourite places.

I must admit I was shocked at the housing prices in Elliot Lake. They are extremely low. My house wouldn't be worth more than $100,000 in Elliot Lake. If you like hunting, fishing and old people it would be a great place to live.

The Big Nickel


I took the pic below from the Fire Tower in Elliot Lake. Some nice old guy told me that it’s the best view in the area. He was right, this pic doesn’t do it justice!


Sault Ste Marie Bridge from the waterfront


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